• Chicory Ready to drink
  • Chicory Ready to drink
  • Chicory Ready to drink
  • Chicory Ready to drink
  • Chicory Ready to drink

Chicory Ready to drink

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9 ways for Good Health

 Oldest sayings :- Good health is wealth and this is one of the.

Iit’s a good time to refresh the good eating and good health rules , so that we may begin tomorrow  on a positive note.

1. As we begin the morning , say one positive thing about oneself to self . This sets the tone for the day , and a day begun well is most likely to go well . Giving positive messages to self , help in improving enthusiasm and self esteem.One can identify several strengths in oneself and exercise those strengths to become even better . Someone once told me that we spend all our lives hiding our flaws and lamenting about them rather than building on our strengths ,

2. Begin the day with 2 glasses of plain water and try to switch 50% of caffeine beverages to green tea or chicory ready to drink.In winters we end up consuming a lot of tea and coffee with lots of sugar , switching to green tea or chicory , not only gives us mega doses of antioxidants , which is good for the heart and skin , but also is easy on the stomach and the absence of caffeine keeps us sane and calm in prevents restlessness and jitters.

3. Consume sprouts three out of five days: Sprouts are a powerhouse of good health and eating sprouts in any one meal for three out of five days can be positive for losing weight , protecting liver and for the glow on the face .sprouts can be made of alfa-alfa seeds , mung , lobhia , black channa , in fact most seeds can be sprouted , it just needs the right technique.

4.Moderate the consumption of unhealthy/ harmful foods to a maximum of 3 meals in a week , which includes all the fast foods ( Indian or western ) , ready to eat foods , and packet foods. Elimination may not be possible in the hectic world of the cities , so it may help to moderate the portions and frequency of consumption.

5.Hydrate and drink enough fluids .one should drink enough water through the day which is in the range of 6 glasses in winter and 10 glasses in summers . Besides water one can also fulfill the hydration requirement by consuming soups , green tea , chicory vegetable juices . winters is one of the best times to juice fresh vegetables , like carrots , beetroot ,tomatoes .water not only detoxifies the system but also keeps the skin young and firm.

6.Sleep well and for at least 6-8 hours . Sleep is like medicine for the tired mind and body. Sleep deprivation not only results in premature ageing but also irritability and short. temper .

7.Drink in moderation , and gradually shift from potent liquor to fine wines . the maximum permissible levels for health are 2 wine glasses a day.

8.Exercise for de-stressing and creating a toned body .exercise is not only for weight loss but also is a great de-stressor and gives strong knees and a toned body.

9.Laugh at least once a day . Laughter remains the best medicine.

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