• BeSure Activated Charcoal Face Pack
  • BeSure Activated Charcoal Face Pack
  • BeSure Activated Charcoal Face Pack
  • BeSure Activated Charcoal Face Pack
  • BeSure Activated Charcoal Face Pack

BeSure Activated Charcoal Face Pack

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100 gram

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BeSure Activated  Charcoal Face Pack is the revolutionary Product which helps your skin in many ways.

Charcoal Face Pack have many benefits.


1: Lighten Underarms:The use of charcoal  FACE PACK as a lightening agent works well for dark under arms. As charcoal is a natural bleaching agent and has antibacterial property with the lightening nature it is an excellent solution to lighten your underarm.

When used as a charcoal FACE PACK, this ingredient is capable of removing the dark dead skin and lightens your under arms, leaving it smooth and healthy. It can also be used as a full body detox, and washing your hands with charcoal soap helps to reduce pigmentation and tighten your skin, making your skin look younger.

2. Provides Flawless Skin: Charcoal FACE PACK has the amazing ability to control facial oil and draw away the impurities that build up in the pores. It is also effective in the removal of dead cells, thus providing clean and flawless skin.

3. Reduces Pore Size:If you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors in the smoke, dust and pollution, you might notice dirt settling over your pores making them more noticeable and enlarged in appearance. After a certain period, these pores can be seen clearly on the face. Charcoal soap is the best solution for this. It not only extracts the dirt and grime, but also treats clogged pores and reduces their size.

4. Lighten Dark Knees And Elbows: An even skin tone adds to your beauty and having dark knees and elbows can detract from it. This is a common issue that can make one self-conscious about wearing short-sleeve dresses and tops as well as skirts and shorts. The skin around the elbows and knees is usually thicker and has more folds than its surrounding skin. Also, because there are no oil glands in these areas, this skin tends to be drier. So, when proper care and hygiene is not maintained, the skin on knees and elbows becomes much darker than other parts of your body. The dark powdery substance is a natural lightener and has detoxing ability, it basically attracts the toxins or impurities from your skin and works its way to pulling them out leaving your skin fresh and flawless. Activated charcoal FACE PACK is a natural lightener, it works over time and isn’t something that can produce results over night. In order to see the best results, you have to apply the activated charcoal FACE PACK, repeatedly for several weeks. 

5. Sucks out Impurities from the Skin: Activated charcoal is known to be very absorbent. It’s so powerful that it sucks up poison, which is why it’s given to people who’ve swallowed poisonous substances. It works the same way by pulling out impurities and heavy metals from the skin.

6. Gently Exfoliates Skin: With its slightly gritty texture, activated charcoal is good for skin exfoliation. Its impurity-sucking properties make it an even better exfoliator!

7. Treats Acne: If you have acne, get your hands on some activated charcoal right now. It works wonders in fighting off acne-causing germs, sucking out impurities, reducing inflammation and keeping your pores clean.

8. Balances Oily Skin:Activated charcoal sucks out excess oils and stale sebum stuck within the pores. Apply Charcoal FACE PACK on your skin to manage an overly oily face.

9. Removes Blackheads: Try our BeSure Black & Beauty Charcoal FACE PACK (ph- 7) to naturally remove and prevent black heads! It’s best done after facial steaming to open up the pores. And is suitable for all skin types.

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