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Amla Juice

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1000 ml

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Benefits :-

Amla is good for almost every one on a regular basis. It reduces or eliminates the risk of enviromental polluttants, normalizes cholesterol, reduces unwanted fat, cures ulcers, reduces or prevent cancer, has the highest content of Vitamin'C' of any natural source, detoxifies the body, regulates digestion, has inhibiting effects against the HIV Virus, promotes metabilic fuction and can produce these result in a dried, natural, unporcessed form. Amla is safe to consume on a daily basis.

Dosage :-

20-25ml Amla Juice twice daily with or w/o water empty stomach at morning & 30 minutes before meal at night or bed time. It is highly beneficial in gas, indigestion & Constipation If Aloevera Juice & Amla Juice taken together.

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