allergies, abscesses, abrasions, asthma, acne, acid indigestion, allergic reactions, anemia, arterial insufficiency, arthritis, athlete's foot, AIDS

bad breath, burns, boils, bursitis, baldness, blisters/blistering, bruises, bronchitis, bowel regularity, bloody scours in calves, body cleanser, bladder infections, blood pressure

cancer, Candida, corneal ulcers, contusions, canker sores, cold sores, cuts, cataracts, chapped/ chafed skin and lips, cholesterol (high), coughs, colds, colitis, carbuncles, colic, cradle cap, cystitis, chemotherapy, constipation

dermatitis, dandruff, dry skin, denture (gum) sores, diaper rash, dishpan hands,dysentery,diabetes,depression,dystonia.

edema, erysipelas, epidermitis, Epstein-Barr virus, exanthema, eczema, enteritis in fowl, eyes, earache, fibromyalgia, feline leukemia (FeLV), favus, fissured nipples, fever blisters, fungus

genital herpes, gingivitis, glaucoma, gangrene

heat rash/prickly heat, headache of all kinds, hemorrhoid, heartburn, high blood pressure, herpes zoster/simplex

impetigo, inflamed joints, insomnia, ingrown toenails, infertility due to anovulatory cycles, indigestion, insect bites, interstitial cystitis

jaundice, joints, keratosis follicularis, kidney infections

laxation, leprosy, laryngitis, lupus, liver ailments, leukemia

multiple sclerosis, mastitis in cattle, mouth irritations, muscle cramps/strains, moles

nausea of all kinds

onycholysis, odor control of chronic ulcers, oral disorders

pelvic pain, pinworms, psoriasis, prostatitis, poison ivy/oak, pancreas

razor burn, radiation burns, radiation dermatitis, rashes

stings, styes, sprains, senile moles, sores of all kinds, seborrhea, stretch marks, sore throat, shingles, staph infections, sunburns, sciatic nerve, sickle-cell disease, silicon toxicity

tonsillitis, tendinitis, trachoma, tuberculosis, tumors

ulcerations of all kinds, urticaria, ulcers (peptic and duodenal)

vaginitis, venereal sores, venous stasis, varicose veins

wind burn, wheal, wounds of all kinds, warts

X-ray burns, yeast infections, zoster (shingles)